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Paid for by Les Young for City Council 2019 District 1 | Campaign I.D. #1415855  P.O. Box 3266, Palm Springs, CA 92263 


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My platform is grounded in my life’s story: Work hard for what you believe in. Nothing comes for free, but a steadfast commitment will culminate in achieving your goals. Given the opportunity to serve, I look forward to implementing this platform in partnership with you, the citizens of Palm Springs,


This election represents a big first for the City of Palm Springs. We are entering the era of DISTRICTING. As we forge this new path for Palm Springs, it is important that we continue to think globally about the greater good of our City while representing and providing a voice for our individual districts. My big picture for Palm Springs is to: 


  • Continue to support tourism, local businesses and the creation of new jobs

  • Enhance our public safety & improve our emergency response times throughout the City

  • Work with state, county and regional partners to develop a solution for people experiencing homelessness

  • Continue to improve our quality of life by working together as a team on Council and with local stakeholders such as the Tribe for the greater good of community


At the same time, I will also represent and fight for District 1 at City Hall. My priorities include:


Secure adequate funding for our parks and recreation facilities. These services play an important role in our community – and especially for those that aren’t always represented at City Hall, such as families, children and seniors. It is important that we maintain these facilities at the highest level.


Improve our local roads, drainage and infrastructure. Now more than ever, it is crucial that our roads are safe. During the recent flooding, we found out quickly that  our infrastructure needs improvement. It’s important that we always have safe passage in and out of Palm Springs – no matter the weather.


Ensure smart growth for the cannabis industry. As this booming business segment continues to flourish, let’s ensure we don’t over-saturate our neighborhoods and facilities in properly zoned commercial areas. And just like other cities, we need to work together with the cannabis industry to adopt new odor ordinances.


Finally, we have a valuable resource in District 1 – land. Let’s work toward an affordable housing solution so those that work in Palm Springs have the opportunity to live in Palm Springs as well!

"Given the opportunity to serve, I look forward to implementing this platform in partnership with you, the citizens of Palm Springs."